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Hello, I am Rodrigo Filardi, SEO Consultant Specializing in Advanced Digital Marketing Techniques and, in this page, I will explain a bit about my roles, responsibilities, and results. 💰🚀

A little more about my career:

I have been providing International SEO Consulting Services in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Brazil, USA for over 20 years… for companies such as Vale, Petrobras, FGV, Coca-Cola, TIM, GSK…

Unlike many “show-man” style colleagues in Portugal, I don’t like to appear and call myself an “XPT mentor”… I prefer to present my differences through the proposals sent by The Key SEO and the work carried out with excellence. It’s common for our team to hear phrases like: “I didn’t really believe in SEO before”… and I must thank, and at the same time apologize, for the terrible work of my colleagues.

I help medium and large companies in the complete planning of SEO strategies, considering the optimization of websites and business platforms from different niches, countries and languages, placing these companies at the top of searches from Google, generating more sales, more profit and increasing visibility and relevance in the global market.

My motto is: Getting to the top of Google is possible, but it’s not for everyone!

I am the founder of the Portuguese agency The Key SEO and leader of an international team of experts in SEO, Marketing and Copywriting, who work according to the strategies I plan so that we can work together outperform your competitors, gain more online visibility, get more customers and sell more.

In addition to being an SEO Consultant, I do digital marketing planning for companies, which includes various services related to communication, digital marketing, branding and graphic design for different countries…
After all, the digital world has no borders!

SEO Consultant: What Do I Do for Your Company?

The focus of an SEO consultant, also known as Organic Traffic Manager, is: to enhance the reach and visibility of any type of company, both on the internet and in the real world, turning online users into real customers.

In other words, the goal of a Search Engine Optimization Consultant is to make your company APPEAR online and not just BE online, achieving results from this increased visibility.

Thus, an SEO Consultant needs to be seen as part of the team and not just someone performing a magical process that will make your site appear at the top of Google in 3 days.

It’s a strategic professional with advanced knowledge of Digital Marketing, who needs to know detailed information about the business to be optimized, both direct and indirect competition, the focus of the company, the differentiators, and the advantages of each product sold or service offered.

Therefore, the SEO Consultant needs to know everything your company does on the internet, be familiar with your social media, your public professional profile, understand your format of communication with the audience on the networks, give guidance on your texts if you write for an online newspaper or publish content on a press channel or with partners, among other activities.

Results in SEO Projects Managed by Me: Your International SEO Consultant

gráfico Resultados Antes e Depois de Projeto SEO no Algarve, Portugal

May 2023 April 2024 % Growth
Keywords (position 1-3) 4 50 1150%
Keywords (position 4-10) 18 98 444%
Keywords in 1st page 22 148 573%
Average Organic Traffic 242 1801 643%

In a 1-year period of SEO consultancy, we increased the average number of visitors to the website of a clinic in the Algarve by more than 7 times, equivalent an increase of 643%.

At the beginning of the SEO project, we identified that the clinic had only 22 words appearing on the first page of Google, of which only 4 words had relevance with some potential to sell services.

After a year, we have 148 relevant keywords on the first page bringing in more patients to the clinic.

How does the SEO consultant achieve such results?

Through Organic Traffic Management, where organic traffic means: real people who are searching for solutions, like yours, on the internet, on Google.

The process of “managing” these people, in fact, involves the “induction” of a solution that is displayed to the user at the exact moment they make a search. In other words, your project should appear prominently, at the top of Google, so that the user thinks it is the best option and clicks on it.

And for this to be possible, there are hundreds of strategic and technical actions that must be carried out in conjunction to enhance your brand, your website, and all your digital communication, also directly impacting your sales in the physical world.

Do you want to see your website on top of Google?

Some steps of an SEO Consultant’s Service:

  • Analysis of direct, indirect, and local competition to plan optimization actions for your professional profile.
  • Creation of advanced marketing strategies to surpass the competition.
  • Research of keywords related to the business that are relevant to generate organic traffic (clicks and qualified visits).
  • Technical and structural corrections, code and website performance, to accelerate your online project and improve user experience.
  • Study of your current communication, with an analysis of the reach of your website's texts and other social communication channels, followed by the development of a strategic content marketing plan.
  • Increasing visibility through actions on other sites, such as news portals, blogs, influencers, business directories, forums, and others.
  • And many other beneficial actions for any project, which you can discover by hiring an SEO Consultancy.

Services of an International SEO Consultant, provided by The Key SEO Agency.

Discover the 6 fundamental aspects of The Key SEO Consultancy for businesses, defined based on our international experience in ranking sites of companies from various niches at the top of Google worldwide.


1. Competition Analysis and Market Analysis

We analyze your competitors to discover the strategies they implement and define strategic actions to overtake them, achieving results and placing your site at the top of Google. Competition analysis is one of the most important stages in executing a digital project. After all, how can we combat a competitor if we don’t know what they do? As an experienced SEO consultant, we implement the best practices to ensure the success of your project.


2. KW Research: Keyword Audit

The task of analyzing keywords that generate results for your business is essential for any SEO Consultancy project. We need to understand exactly what words your target audience is searching for on Google, to deliver the content they want to see correctly. That's why the role of a SEO professional is crucial for the success of your online strategy.


3. SEO On-Page: Content Marketing

Increasing CTR (clicks to your site) by defining effective content strategies to boost your ROI. We create compelling texts and update the pages of your site and blog with the goal of generating traffic and sales. All SEO On-Page work aims to enhance results through the use of quality content, written correctly, including corrections implemented in the site's code, and optimization of images and videos. The role of an SEO specialist is vital to maximize these results.

4. Link Building SEO

The link building work includes the creation of strategies for promoting your site through mentions on various other internet sites, related to the market niche of your company. After the competition analysis stage, link building strategies are defined so that your site can appear online in the same places where your competitors are and also be promoted in better locations, with high search potential. Our experience as a SEO consultant in Portugal guarantees access to the best link building practices.


5. Mobile SEO & Technical SEO

Many sites do not worry about technical issues of performance, Google indexing, correct visibility on mobile phones, information architecture, navigability... Your website will gain many points (and clients) as we make technical SEO corrections and apply good development practices to appear on mobile devices. Google has already informed, and we repeat: your site needs to be prepared for the Mobile First era. As a SEO Analyst, we ensure that your site is optimized for all these technical needs.


6. Monitoring, Maintenance, and Reports

In every online project it is necessary to analyze the results before, during, and after the implementation of SEO and digital marketing strategies. We monitor your position on Google for the keywords defined for your project and provide an online report where you can track the monthly growth of your site in the searches conducted on Google. The efficiency of this stage is ensured by the experience and skill of a qualified SEO consultant.

You need an SEO Consultant if you want to:

Sell more!

After all, that's what we want, right?

Regardless of your company's service area or the products you sell, selling more online is the key to success for any business or professional!

Your online store selling more!

To be discovered!

Want to be found by customers near your address?

Improve your website's local visibility for Google searches related to a keyword (your service or product) and a location (area, neighborhood, city, country...). Examples: "acupuncture in Lisbon" or "esthetic clinic Lisbon".

Promote Your Services!

Your service appearing for those who want to hire, without wasting time.

Appear on Google and other search engines for keyword searches related specifically to your type of business, attracting the right audience that is looking for your services.

Promote Your Brand!

Increase your online presence and your website's authority. Make your name or your company's name more widely known, and consequently, achieve more client conversions and sales.

Be a reference!

Stand out as an authority in your industry, attracting clients and partnership opportunities. Ensure a strong online presence and consolidate your position as a market leader.

See your website on top!

Positioning your business at the top positions of search engines with the right keywords for your clients is what we can best offer in an SEO Retainer.

In summary: the focus of an SEO Consultant is to increase conversions (sales), which can be achieved through various Goals such as: obtaining contacts, phone calls and leads, service sales, product sales, physical visits to your store, restaurant, or company, among others.

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"In just 3 months, even though it could have taken longer, we were already ahead of our biggest competitor in Portugal."
"Consulted The Key SEO to advise me on improving my website and achieving better results on Google! Within weeks, my results improved significantly!"
"When leading a brand internationalization project across 5 different countries, you need a dynamic partner who adapts to each market. The Key SEO puts us at the top of Google search and drastically reduces our costs."

How can a SEO consultant in Portugal, specializing in Digital Marketing, help your company grow anywhere in the world?

With advanced knowledge of analyzing searches made by users on Google, Maps, and other search sites, an SEO consultant can understand the purchase and research intentions that hold the most value for your type of business.

Once identified, they can create strategies that will guide the user to the desired final goal, whether it’s making an online purchase, a phone call, a visit to a store or restaurant, among many other possibilities. All these end goals can be referred to as “conversions”.

In summary, the role of an SEO consultant is to implement search marketing strategies with a focus on increasing traffic for an online project and converting users into real customers.

Currently living in Portugal, I am an SEO Consultant for highly competitive projects here as well as in Spain, Italy, Angola, the UK, the USA, and others.

With my experience of over 15 years in Communication and Marketing, I can place any website, from any market niche, at the top of Google, anywhere in the world.

With a specialized and well-trained team of SEO experts, site performance optimization specialists, data analysts, and SEO copywriters, we have managed to surpass the competition in highly competitive markets such as online stores, adult portals, real estate, and more.

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