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If you work with SEO, you need to know GokoOm Rank Tracker, the best online tool currently available to monitor the position of your keywords on Google
(And it’s really very cheap!).

Discover GokoOm Rank Tracker:

It is the only software in the cloud that helps you to improve the position of your keywords in SERPs through the collection of additional data including its competitors, which are provided in your dashboard.

It is a fast service, updates the ranking daily and is being used by the best SEO professionals in the world!

Gokoom SEO Keyword Analysis and Tracking Tool

GokoOm Technical Features:

  • Keyword Ranking update every 24 hours.
  • It is a cloud tool, i.e., you can access it from anywhere.
  • It is fast, easy to use and very simple to understand its interface.
  • Update “On Demand”, allows you to update the position of a specific keyword at any time.
  • Collection of daily data through BIG DATA techniques.
  • It has artificial intelligence to help you improve your SEO with extremely useful information.
  • Provides the data of the competition in each word traced and shows you in comparison.
  • Shows the position of your keywords on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Google changes the position of words a lot during the day, you can update them whenever you want.
  • Clear and beautiful positioning evolution graphics.
  • It offers more than 460 search engines in which you can trace your words.,,, …

Daily position keyword tracking tool

Advantages Over other Rank Trackers

GokoOm Rank Tracker is a cloud software that daily tracks the positions of your site’s key words on Google, whether positioning on desktop, tablet or mobile device, presenting the results in graphics. Information that you can use to improve the SEO of your sites.

See other advantages of this tool that is being considered the best tracker ranking 2019, by professionals from around the world:

  • Search for Ranking Results up to the TOP 200 positions: While all competitors search for keywords up to the top 100, GoKoOm Rank Tracker stands out for showing keywords that you are ranking up to the TOP 200, so you have a better view than Google found and can adjust your strategy.
  • Returns important data from your competition: According to the keywords you add to check your ranking, GoKoOm also tracks information from the top 5 SERP competitors based on the same keywords you chose. It also gives you an ONPAGE analysis where it shows a comparison with your project giving you valuable information on how to increase your relevance to overcome your competition on Google.
  • SEO tasks: With its Big Data system and artificial intelligence, this rank tracker provides an option called “SEO tasks”, which sends you actions that you should put into practice to improve the position of certain keywords, based on your competitors.
  • Page Speed Analysis (Your Site & Competitors):  Analysis of the loading speed of your site and your direct competitors. Through simple graphics showing PageSpeed, every day you can follow your performance and that of your competitors. Thus you will be able to see the evolution and weaknesses of the speed of your project and of your competitors over time.
  • AMP Diagnosis: GoKoOM analyzes if your site and your competitors have installed AMP, may be a factor that is making a difference to you in a particular SERP.
  • Data of ALEXA RANK and its competitors: Every day this ranktracker extracts your ranking in Alexa and that of your competitors, comparing the evolution of all, using graphics easy to understand.
  •  Evolution of your DA (Domain Authority) and your competitors: The famous MOZ metrics (DA and PA) are integrated into your dashboard, so you can easily estimate what is expected from domains that compete with you. And it gives you a broader view so you can improve your linkbuiding strategy.
  • Text Length: Number of words in your article compared to your competitors. Another basic parameter for positioning an expression is the length of the page text we want to position for that keyword and the length of its competitor. You receive a complete analysis.
  • Analysis of Headers “H1, H2, H3… ” including the competition: More than 85% of sites have headers H1, H2, H3 poorly defined. Usually they do not maintain the logical hierarchy and do not incorporate keywords or synonyms. GoKoOM helps you identify such problems, warns you about failures, and even compares them with your competitors.
  • Keyword Repeat: Number of times keywords appear in your text (and from competitors). With the GoKoOM ranktracker you can easily see the number of times each keyword appears, the words that are repeated the most a few times and also compare them with the pages of your competitors, so that you can make decisions about your texts. The control of the texts is fundamental to get a good positioning in Google.
  • Keyword Density: Similar to the previous functionality, but instead of measuring the number of times a keyword appears, it analyzes the density, that is, the percentage of times this word appears in the text in relation to the total number of words in the article. The tool compares the density of keywords with your competition, so that you can have conclusions to improve your texts and better position your site.

How does GoKoOm RankTracker work?

To succeed in your online projects and act assertively, you need to have SEO and analysis tools that provide you with all the information possible in the shortest time.

Gokoom guarantees exactly that, provides all the results you need to do analysis with instant updates.

You know what’s in it at any given time!

In the video, SEO Specialist Tico Santos, founder of the SEO de Verdade VIP Course (one of the best SEO courses in Portuguese) shows how the Gokoom Rank Tracker works:

💶 GoKoOm Rank Tracker Plans and Pricing

Registering and creating an account is free. There are different plans for different needs, and the prices of paid plans range from 9.90€ to 44.90€ per month.

If compared to other rankers in the market, GoKoOm is the tracker with the best cost-benefit ratio, no doubt. Click here to visit the official page!

Discover The Best Rank Tracker in 2019: GoKoOm

[GIFTS] When you hire any paid plan, you still earn the following courses:

🎁 Full SEO Course + Digital Marketing Course (20 weeks course)

A full SEO + Marketing course, free of charge, divided into 20 weeks over 20 weeks.

There are more than 60 video lessons talking about: How Google Works, Crawl Budget, Black Hat SEO, Google Penalties, How to choose a good Domain Name, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Online Moneymaking Projects (Monetization), Content Strategies, Proper Use of Keywords and much more.

🎁 GoKoOm Rank Tracker Keyword Analysis Course (Free)

You will also find a free 1 hour course to learn how to use GoKoOm Rank Tracker in the best way, to enhance your project with the best keywords.

  • “First Steps: Learn How to Create and Setup Your First Project – 05:54
  • “The meaning of the elements and colors on the GoKoOM platform – 03:09
  • “How to interpret the Results of the Projects – 04:57
  • “Keywords Study – 04:15
  • “Semantic Site Improvements: Find Keywords of Opportunity – 09:10
  • “Keywords Suggested by GoKoOM – 22:43
  • “SEO-TAREFAS: Tips and Actions to Improve SEO On Page of your Site – 09:31
  • “Curiosities: What is Google Dance? – 05:52

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Final Conclusion:
The Best Cost x Benefit in Online Ranktracker

The main goal of GoKoOm is to be an Online Tracker Rank, but due to the wide variety of functions it performs, it is able to go much further, including offering solutions in case it detects problems on your site.

Maybe that’s why, nowadays, many SEO specialists and performance marketing agencies consider the Keyword Gokoom Rank Tracker as the best tracker in the world.

Many companies are already benefiting from GoKoOm, an online keyword monitoring software that offers one of the best answers in the market, in an efficiency that perfectly supplies the price that is charged.

If you really want to grow on the Internet, you will have to fight for a better positioning of your keywords in a field full of competitors, using powerful analysis tools.

GokoOm is one of them! It is very worthwhile to test and hire the plan from 9 Euros per month (or take advantage of the sensational annual promotion of 59 Euros). After all, selling more and saving money is something we all want, right?

With over 15 years of experience in SEO, Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication, today I am a SEO Consultant in Portugal and I help clients from several countries like Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, US, UK among others, grow their business in internet and have a positive impact on sales. Here on the blog, I am going to teach you a little bit about SEO and high performance strategies within digital marketing that can help any business appear in Google’s top results

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