How to search PDF on Google (or any other file type)

In this article you will learn how to search PDF on Google, and also DOC, XLS, eBooks, and more. You will also learn how to search PDFs within a specific site domain. Let’s go!

How to find PDF files on Google? 🔎

If you are looking for PDF files on Google (or XLS, or DOC, or any other format), you must know about how to use special commands for google search (Google Search Operators). I’ll help you.

Google Search Operators are special advanced search commands that exists on Google that can make your search easier … one is the command for finding files from a specific (type) extension, such as PDF. Gradually, I’ll show you one by one here at the blog.

I will teach you in practice:

Let’s suppose that you want to search for a Digital Marketing eBook PDF. What do you do on Google?

    1. Go to GOOGLE 😊;
    2. On the search bar, type: filetype:pdf digital marketing ebook;
    3. Press ENTER to search;
    4. Can I see a sparkle in your eyes? Look what a perfect result!

Now in the search results page, you can see multiple PDF files about digital marketing, as exemplified in the image below:

Search result page displaying PDF files on Google

Did you see how easy it is? Let’s look at another Google Search Tip bellow.

How to search for PDF files inside a specific website domain using Google Search (or any other filetype) 🔎

Above I wrote a quick tip on how to find PDF files in Google search using the special “filetype” command.

And now you will learn how to find PDF files within a specific site (or any other filetype as well), using another special Google command combined with the filetype command.

Let’s see in practice:

Now, let’s assume you want to search for a PDF ebook about marketing within the Neil Patel Website. What do you do?

  1. Go to GOOGLE 😊;
  2. In the search bar, type: marketing ebook filetype:pdf;
  3. Press ENTER;
  4. Surprise!

Now, in the search results, you can see multiple PDF files about marketing, but those ebooks are only from the domain of the site Neil Patel (, as exemplified in the image below:

Search result page displaying PDF files from a specific website

Did you like it? Did you see how easy it is?

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